What is Google Trends? How to use it?

You can use Google Trends to find inspiration for your business, blog posts or social media posts. This tool allows you to reach more users to keep up with current topics and events. That’s why it’s useful to do yearly or daily searches on Google Trends. For example, you can search for popularity in Google Trends Turkey or Google Trends 2022. There is also a popularity search for topics and ideas of interest. You can use this feature to analyze the periods or regions in which your ideas are most popular.

Thus, you can increase your visibility by concentrating your campaigns and advertisements in these periods and places. You can optimize your SEO efforts using this tool. Moreover, creating a Google Trends profile is very simple. By creating a profile, you can examine what users are most curious about and use them in your work.

As E-Commerce 101 Academy, in this article, we will discuss Google Trends in detail, which will benefit your SEO efforts and increase your click-through rate. We wish you enjoyable reading.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool for market research. It shows whether a word or phrase is trending with current data. Moreover, it analyzes whether the popularity of the search is on the decline. It provides statistical data with location, date, product category and content title filters applied to trends. It can also perform a 24-hour popular keyword review with the Google Trends Hot feature. It is also frequently used by SEO experts and digital marketing experts. In short, this tool can contribute to the marketing strategy by analyzing the targeted keyword.

What Does Google Trends Do?

It helps to see the trending news and agenda on the targeted date. For this reason, it is a tool that bloggers and e-commerce owners should especially benefit from.

Bloggers can use Google Trends for keyword analysis. A content creator can write content by exploring popular words. He can also get more popular keyword suggestions by looking at the statistical data of the desired word group. Thus, it can attract more traffic to its site thanks to the trending keywords in the content it produces. It can also increase the number of visitors and site popularity. If the content complies with SEO rules, it will rank high on Google.

E-commerce owners can also benefit a lot from Google Trends. If you own an e-commerce store, you can create a marketing strategy based on what people are searching for the most on Google. At the same time, you can apply new trends to your market. It can also start its work by looking at the period and place in which the market it wants to enter is popular.

One of the most important areas where Google Trends is useful is Google Ads. Advertising campaigns can be organized by utilizing the statistical data in Google Trends. For example, you can make strategic advertising campaign decisions by researching your current market. By conducting research on the sector you are in, you can find out which dates and times users are active.

Thus, you can launch your effective advertising campaign during the time period when users are most active. Remember that Google Trends does not have access to data from search engines other than Google. Therefore, the same keyword may not be popular on another search engine. If your target audience is using another search engine, your ad campaign may not bring you success.

How to Use Google Trends?

Google Trends has Google search data for all countries with internet access. When you start using this tool, your first priority is to select a country. This will show you general data about what the users of that country are most curious about. For example, let this country be Turkey. When you do this filtering, you will see the volumes of the words that Turkish users search the most.

You can then filter by year on this page. By default, data for the last 12 months is usually displayed. The following options are available in the year filter: last 12 months, previous hour, last 4 hours, last 7 days, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, last five years and 2004-today. Searches in the trending list of the day change hourly. So, if you want to do a more statistical study, you can look at the data for the last 1 month.

You can then filter by all categories. Some of the options available in this filter are: shopping, finance, real estate, travel, cars and vehicles, food and beverages, hobbies and leisure pursuits, commercial and industrial services…

You can also filter on Google web search. This filter includes image search, Google news search, Google Shopping and YouTube search.

You can type Google Trends Turkey, Google Trends 2022 or Google Trends Hot into the Google search engine. You can also access detailed reports on which data has become popular in which period and place.

Creating a Google Trends Profile

Creating a Google Trends profile is easy and free. You can create a profile by connecting with your Gmail address. You can also continue to use it without creating a profile. Thus, you can examine what users all over the world are searching for. You can start your work by seeing trending topics and events.

Advantages of Google Trends

Simple and straightforward to use, Google Trends has many advantages. These are as follows;

  • Google Trends pulls its available data from the Google search engine. Therefore, if you use the Google search engine, all the data you see is safe.
  • You can use the single or multiple query feature to see data from the filtered time period. You can also use the comparison feature.
  • It brings trending queries from around the world in front of you quickly. Simultaneous access to data that has gained a large place in the Google search engine gives you many advantages.
  • It is very important to use trending keywords effectively. If you use SEO and Google ads effectively, your organic traffic will increase.
  • You can examine the ups and downs of the volume of the words or phrases you research periodically.
  • It will be a resource for the studies you will carry out on special days.
  • You can examine what users are interested in with searches such as Google Trends Turkey or Google Trends 2022.
  • With the Google Trends Hot feature, you can simultaneously evaluate 24-hour current data for your field of activity.

An Example of an E-Commerce Site Benefiting from Google Trends

For example, an e-commerce store that generates revenue online. This store is a business that sells seasonal products. In this case, this business can create marketing strategies by accessing the periodic results on the Google Trends site.

For example, if it sells winter coats, it can examine what is trending about this product. If it also sells products for special occasions, it can do research on these products. It can do research on when and where it can work intensively. For example, if it has products for Valentine’s Day, it can start working when this special day approaches. It can analyze the keywords that users search for this special day and use them in its campaigns and advertisements. By having the products that users are looking for on this special day on the site, it can increase the organic traffic and sales of the site.

If you are a local business, you can look at the keyword volume of your existing products in your region instead of looking at global trends.

As E-Commerce 101 Academy, in this article, we have discussed Google Trends in detail. You can make your work easier by analyzing the keywords suitable for you with this tool. Thus, you can contribute to your marketing strategy by using current and popular keywords. You can also analyze which products can bring success to your business. In short, creating a profile in this tool and actively following this tool will be beneficial. You can start analyzing Google Trends Turkey, Google Trends 2022 or Google Trends Hot results without wasting time. For more information, you can visit our website and contact us.

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